I have an insatiable need to create and it started when I was young. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana, USA, and as a child, I was free to run around the machine shop, junkyard, and the vast natural setting of the range. This served as a creative playground for both my brothers and I. I also traveled across the US and Canada with my paternal grandparents, who exposed me to many cultural institutions and natural wonders at a young age. They always encouraged my creativity and abstract thinking.

My enthusiasm for creation turned into a career as a metalsmith and sculptor while in the States, and since moving to Denmark, my focus has turned to painting and drawing.

My color field paintings started as an exploration of my synesthesia. I made this piece because I see a rich intense blue color for the number 2, so I wanted to capture that feeling on the canvas for people who see numbers differently.

Since then, the work has evolved into an exploration of shapes, colors, and textures. I blend a limited, but often bold, color palette to elicit certain emotions from myself and the viewer. I enjoy exploring non-representational ways to evoke feeling by using relatively simple aspects like space, light, and fields of color.